Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Holly Drewett 'Invisible Cities'

Originally from Cornwall, Holly studied a BA in Fine Arts at University College Falmouth. Specialising in printmaking she continued her practice at North Star Print Studios, Brighton before embarking on her current residency at South Hill Park Art Centre, Bracknell.  Holly combines photographic and drawn elements with a range printmaking of techniques including etching, silk screen, monotype and relief to produce her work.

Opening Thursday 5th July, 7-9pm.

Architectural study is something that remains integral to Holly’s practice, whether to focus on line, space, form or a sense of nostalgia that a building or place might create. Visiting different cities she documents her experiences through drawing and photographs. Deconstructing and fragmenting source imagery, regenerating these pieces to create a new unified space. A place personal to her experience there, a description of the landscape and everything it contains..Fascinated by the qualities of digital and traditional printmaking techniques and how they can be used in conjunction she integrates the two ways of working. Allowing these process’ to overlap Holly allows unexpected results to become starting points for new prints and the work starts to regenerate itself once more in a continual process.

"This exhibition explores themes of journey, landscape, architecture and sense of place. Using a range of printmaking techniques, I break down components of source imagery, both drawn and photographic to reconstruct spaces, generating an impression of that place. Heavily influenced by India and Nepal, the exhibition celebrates the rich culture and colour that is so prominent in these countries. At the heart of this body of work is printmaking, intrigued by both traditional and digital techniques the processes are allowed to overlap and the results are used to develop the work. "

Exhibition continues until 3rd August



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