Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Preview 14th March 2009, continues until 25th April 2009

David’s work illustrates ideas rubbing against each other, drawing on references to ancient mythology along side popular culture; creating a dialogue and vocabulary that skips between the historic and the contemporary.

“My work deals with an ongoing quest to control and define the human condition. The work depicts all the devious devices we use to conceal and reveal our true identities as we struggle both to fit in and stand out. I make work that illustrates the shifts between the multitude of fictions we labour under and the reality of who we are.

I often work directly onto objects I find so I can give up full control of what I make. This is very important to me as I am drawn into a dialogue between myself and my ever changing environments. My work shifts and mutates under the influences of external ideas, environments and conditions. I make things that force me to consider what it is to be human.”

David is a freelance artist and his work has been applied to a variety of contexts, including illustration, graphic design and theatre set design. Clients include Chicken Shed Theatre Company and The British Council. David is resident artist and curator of the Nowhere North Gallery, London.


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