Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Eleanor Hardwick flyer

DREAMSCAPES an exhibition of photography by Eleanor Hardwick
5th February - 9th March, 2009

Here Gallery is very proud to launch its 2009 exhibition schedule, with the debut solo show by Eleanor Hardwick.

Eleanor was born in Oxford, England in 1993. She became interested in photography at the age of twelve when she bought a doll and took some photos of it. The hobby then progressed into a passion for portraiture and fashion.

Since then she has had features with publications including The Independent and Dazed and Confused, and others worldwide. By the age of fifteen she already had offers for several exhibitions, and has worked with various professional models, musicians and individuals.

Eleanor usually uses a Canon EOS 400D with a 50mm f.1/8 lens for her work, however she also enjoys using Polaroids and film SLRs every now and then, a selection of which will form part of this exhibition. She often works with natural light, and although she does manipulate many of her images, tries to minimise post production. Eleanor’s work is often staged outdoors and can involve a variety of props, and has even been known to take baths into flower beds, doors into fields, and mattresses to the beach.

In 2009, she plans to study Photography, English and Fine Art at a sixth form college. She hopes to then travel the world, working fulltime in fashion and documentary photography.

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