Monday, 2 April 2012

Strange Brew: Yule Bringer & Marcus Walters

Join Adam Higton and Marcus Walters in the glorious surroundings of the Here Gallery for a cheeky look at their latest work.
Preview; Thurs April 5th Come along to meet the artists and share a drink, hope to see you there.

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Strange Brew
features the work of two of the most distinctive illustrators/artists working in the UK today. Adam Higton and Marcus Walters have a mutual appreciation of each others work and it is this that has brought them together for this exhibition of solo and collaborative artworks. Both artists offer a mix of different styles and techniques which are placed into this melting pot of cosmic imagery. The artworks set Adams amazingly detailed figurative work against Marcus's simple, graphic landscapes. This exhibition heralds a true mix of styles and media, a kaleidoscopic collection of works that combine drawing, collage, and screen printing.

Adam Higton
created the Yule Bringer Saga in 2008.. Yule Bringer is an ever-growing collection of characters that inhabit a psychedelic festive village and surrounding forest... The saga features a range of mystical and jovial characters such as; Mr Log, Foxglove, Sorcerer Sword, Pine Wizzo, Dressman and Mr Frog... These dandy demons are often conjured up through the medium of detailed black and white Bic biro drawings and experimental electronic and percussive sound. Since its formation in 2008 Adam has exhibited in Stockholm and Edinburgh, performed musical lectures and has published two zines "I" and "II - Foxgloves Christmas" with the London based independent publisher and risograph wizards, 'Landfill Editions.'

Marcus Walters is a graphic artist based near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Marcus creates his artwork by hand and working across a variety of media including collage, drawing and screen printing. The resulting images are simple and endearing... minimum flourishes that create maximum impact. Marcus has a wide commercial client list including Honda, Citroen and Innocent Smoothies, Howies and Uniqlo amongst others. he sells editions of his screen printed artworks in many shops and galleries across the UK including the V&A.

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