Saturday, 12 February 2011

Christine McLoughlin - Surface Tensions

17th February - 12th March

Christine McLoughlin is an artist with an Irish heritage originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Graduating in Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2009, she has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. Surface Tensions will be her first exhibition in Bristol.

“I find meaning in the ephemeral and sensual in life. I love to translate the parallels I notice between the way materials are moved and changed by nature, and the way people respond to shapes, spaces and fabrics, into intense experiences, which reveal a refinement of my hidden feelings.”

Surface Tensions will draw on the beauty found in water. For Christine, the simple and pure chemistry of seeing how full of water a bowl can be and the majesty of the paper clip not sinking in it has a parallel with a first love relationship where you reveal more and more of yourself and trust you won’t ruin the bond you’re building together.

The basement Here Gallery will be converted into an interaction between the viewer’s touch and Christine’s material creations. We will be drawn into her intimate installation and have space to personally reflect.

preview, Thursday 17th February, from 8pm

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